Why are the nannies wearing masks? Netizens speculate

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MANILA - (UPDATED) It may have been a star-studded affair, but the christening of the twins of fragrance entrepreneur Joel Cruz on Monday has caught the attention of Filipinos online for a whole different reason. 

In the comments section of the story about the occasion posted on the official Facebook page of ABS-CBN News, some netizens pointed out the perceived "discrimination" against Cruz's pair of nannies. 

The debate stemmed from the thumbnail of the story, which was taken by ABS-CBN News' Julius Babao. It showed the twins -- Prince Harry and Prince Harvey -- being carried by their nannies with surgical masks and hairnets on. 

One netizen claimed that the image made her "feel uncomfortable," and went on to ask as to whether Cruz was just being protective or that it was "some sort of discrimination." 

Her question has since spurned a debate online, with many quickly speculating that the nannies could have been sick and that Cruz was, as the original question suggested, just being overly cautious about his new sons. 

Others, however, criticized Cruz for treating his nannies differently than his guests and priests, who were seen to have not been wearing surgical masks. 

In practical terms, these masks are primarily worn by people who had already come down with an illness as a sign of common courtesy to others they may meet while outside their homes. 

In an interview with Inquirer back in 2013, Cruz, the owner of fragrance brand Aficionado, opened up about how he takes care of his first set of twins -- Prince Sean and Princess Synne. 

The twins, like Prince Harry and Prince Harvey, were a result of in vitro fertilization from a Ukranian mother.

At the time, Cruz shared that he has a nurse, three nannies, a bodyguard, a security guard, and a driver just for Prince Sean and Princess Synne. 

He also said the nannies -- who are part of "The Entourage" as Cruz calls them -- worked in two shifts and wore caregiver uniforms and face masks to "protect the twins from their sniffles and coughs." 

"For me, they are not the usual babies who were conceived through natural methods. They need extra care. They might be easily susceptible to diseases. For one year, I have to do this," Cruz was quoted in saying. 

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